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Kim's Edition: A Tribute to Whitney Houston

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Kim's Edition

"Every one of Whitney's legions of fans marvel at her instrument and its range and depth and truly never before has anyone heard her like this. She swoops, she caresses, she hip-hops and she belts -- never younger, more contemporary or more soulful. This bar none, is the best album she has ever recorded and solidifies her legacy and her place in musical history." - Quoted about Whitney's Greatest Hits

Why a site dedicated to Whitney Houston??

Whitney's career is one of the most outstanding in the world.

Whitney Houston is the best selling female recording artist in history (well over 100 Million Albums sold).

The only artist ever to have seven consecutive No.1 singles in the US Hot 100.

Whitney Houston has registered 16 Gold singles in the USA, and 4 platinum singles.

Whitney has an enormously successful performing career that has done nothing but pile strength upon strength since the star first leaped from legendary record producer Clive Davis's brow in 1983, at age 19.

...Everytime we think there is nothing left to achieve, Whitney provided us with something new....

WHITNEY IS BACK!!! Listen to her new single from her upcoming album: (thanks

Listen to: "Whatcha Looking At"


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