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Kim's Edition: A Tribute to Whitney Houston
A Year in My Love Is Your Love

My Love is Your Love

Her first non-soundtrack album in 7 years....

Inside cover for "My Love is Your Love"

Whitney on Jet Magazine

In the span of one decade, Whitney Houston has attained the status of an internationally recognized mega-star in the field of music, motion pictures, and television. To date, her Arista recordings and videos have amassed global sales exceeding 100 million copies. The three films in which she has starred in the 1990s: The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale, and The Preacher's Wife - have not only broken box office records but have generated widely successful selling soundtrack albums and hit singles in the process. Whitney's recent roles as both star and Executive Producer of the "Wonderful World of Disney" all-star production of "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella" brought further praise and no less than seven Emmy award nominations. The "My Love Is Your Love" album is a milestone in Whitney Houston's recording career. This will mark Houston's fourth studio album and her first non-soundtrack related album in eight years. The specially chosen "A-List" of hit making producers and songwriters who contributed to the project include the acclaimed Wyclef Jean: top Hip-Hop star Missy Elliot, who penned and produced two tracks: Grammy Award winning producers Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and David Foster and the young hit producer Rodney Jenkins. The new album is heralded by Whitney's historic duet with Mariah Carey on "When You Believe [from The Prince Of Egypt)," written by reowned lyricist Stephen Schwartz and produced by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, from Dreamworks animated Biblical epic. Other Babyface tracks include the Diane Warren written ballad "You'll Never Stand Alone" and his own stirring "Until You Come Back."

On the cover of Ebony

My Love is Your Love video

My Love Is Your Love Tour

It's Not Right But It's Okay

When I saw Whitney perform live

My favorite picture: Whitney on Tour


My Love Is Your Love is as diverse as Houston's five-octave range. The funky duo of Soulshock & Karlin produced "Heartbreak Hotel" which includes two of today's top female vocalists, Faith Evans and Kelly Price. David Foster produced the classic Whitney straight-from-the-heart ballad "I Learned From The Best," written by Diane Warren. Top young record producer Rodney Jenkins delivered three tracks including the infectious "It's Not Right, Buts It's Okay," the destined worldwide dance anthem "If I Told You That," and the hot "Get It Back." Whitney Houston's contemporary and edgy side prevails with the Missy Elliot written and produced track, "In My Business" and the ballad "Oh Yes," a classic side of Whitney rarely every heard before. The title-track of the album was produced by Wyclef Jean (of the Fugees). The haunting and emotional lyrics of "My Love Is Your Love" will not soon be forgotten. Summarizing the worldwide scope and impact of My Love Is Your Love, Arista Records President Clive Davis, the album's CO-producer (along with Whitney puts it best, "Every one of Whitney's legions of fans marvel at her instrument and it's range and depth, and truly never before has anyone heard her like this." She swoops, she caresses she hip-hops and she bells. Never younger, more contemporary or more soulful. This bar none is the best album she has ever recorded and solidifies her legacy and places in musical history. In short the new album adds luster to a career marked by one history-making success after another.


The T-shirt I bought when I saw Whitney Live in concert. I went to the June 25th, 1999 show and sat in the orchestra pit!!! It was the best show I have ever been too.

An Article From the "Detroit Free Press"


(3 out of 4 stars)

OK, so she's not exactly Aretha Franklin.

But then, nobody expects Whitney Houston to be a queen of soul, even when she tries her darndest, as she did Friday night as a sold out Fox Theater.
In her first Detroit appearance in five years - the third stop on the tour - Houston plunged right into the hot material off her latest album, "My Love Is Your Love," the slinky, hip-hop-tinged stuff that represents her most ambitiously trendy effort.
There was no doubt, however, that "luxurious" was the key word for the night, which found Houston in a green fur coat that had the star sweating two songs into the set.
Soon she was traipsing through five octaves - and a couple of costume changes - as she powered her way through the balladry that made her name: "Until You Come Back," whose arrangements left ample room for her vocal pyrotechnics.
Still, you got the impression that her latest creative moves - revealed again with new, funky tunes like "In My Business" and bass-heavy renditions of "How Will I know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" - are less artistic gestures than manifestations of a creative identity crisis. Houston often tried to come off loose, imploring the crowd to get its hands in the air and mocking her diva image by saying she hit the tour trail at along last "because I wanted to."
Indeed, early on, she rarely transmitted the sort of energy that grabs an audience. As the evening moved on, however, she found fires to light, kicking into sharp "I'm Every Woman" and igniting the theater with gospel tunes, including "I Can Go To The Rock," for which she was joined by Detroit's the Reverend Marvin Winans.

Ebony Article on Whitney and "My Love Is Your Love"

With 5-octave vocals, a dazzling production and high-style dance and fashion, Whitney Houston is taking the music world by storm with her first concert tour in five years. No one is suprised by the success of the tour or the brilliance of Whitney's voice. But the devine diva is creating quite a stir around the world, and her concert tickets are in great demand. Kicking off in Chicago, and going on to thrill audiences in Detroit, Boston, NYC, Atlanta, Memphis, L.A. and other major US cities, she and her entourage have criss-crossed the country and created glowing headlines in the process. She is about to take the spectacular show to Europe, where a ticket frenzy already is in motion. She reveals she has mixed emotions about the tour. "I love performing: that's what I do," she says. "I love singing and I love it with my soul The actual touring part is a strain. If you can just keep your focus on what you really love to do and what you're out there for, it can be a joyous thing." "You get that love from the people. It lets me know that all the madness I go through, all the stuff that the business has to offer with all its madness; it makes it worthwhile. Whitney adds that this time out, she wanted to do theaters rather than arenas; most of the venues have seating for 5000 to 6000 people. "I wanted to be closer to the people, more intimate," she explains. During the interview, she explains that she is not pushing her daughter into show business prematurely, but that BK asked to participate and that already she is showing an inclination for performing. Bobby chimes in, "All I can say is that they don't live with us; they never have", he says of critics. "Obviously they don't know love because if they knew love, they could look into our eyes and tell, without even reading the paper or listening to the tabloids or thinking about things that have happened personally with us. "If the naysayers, would just do that, then I promise they'll get more music from her, they'll get more movies from us, they'll get everything they deserve". But it just takes them to back off and give us our space. Stop being cruel... it's our prerogative to love eachother. We can put all this in a song. She wants to dance with somebody who loves her."